Is this the New Year eve people waited for?


Happy New Year? Why not? But how when the news around the world shows behind the scene the air is filled with fear of terror? Well, we can’t say “who cares?” because if we do, we may end up seeing something most unpleasant. No surprise the security in all countries is being stepped up and government agencies are kept on vigil to ensure that no untoward incident takes place. To get away with the whole hassle, some countries even decided to cancel this year’s new year celebrations.

The question is, who created the present situation when instead of having a festive mood, people are forced to be concerned about their safety?

Thoughts? is being stepped up in major European cities ahead of New Year celebrations, with officials wary of possible terror plots. New Year fireworks and festivities have been cancelled in the Belgian capital Brussels because of an alert. Extra …TIMEThe GuardianVoice of America – European capitals tighten security ahead of New Year celebrations – BBC News in Brussels have cancelled this year’s new year celebration plans over fears of a terrorist attack, on the same day that Turkey said it had foiled a holiday attack plot. In Ankara, officials said police had detained two suspected Islamic …CNNNew York TimesThe Atlantic – – Brussels cancels new year celebrations over terror fears – The Guardian President Barack Obama left for his Hawaii vacation, his top security officials briefed him about a threat, originating from overseas, of possible attacks in New York, Los Angeles and Washington between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, … Security and terrorism: Jittery backdrops to New Year’s Eve around the world – CNN




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