Another Earthquake in India – Here is a Lesson to learn


Did you notice an increasing number of earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and cyclones taking more lives these days than they used to a few hundred years back? That’s not all: nature has many other ways to punish humankind for their blatantly thoughtless activities and fiddling around with nature’s already established arrangement for maintaining the universe, our Earth being just a tiny part of it.

The ongoing madness of human beings on the planet, drilling deep into the earth for oil, gold and other precious metals and minerals, pulling out other vital elements that maintain the orbital movements of the earth, testing nuclear weapons in deserts, firing powerful missiles with nuclear warheads deep into the ocean, causing tremendous environmental imbalance on the planet by replacing jungles with industries, and the horrendously barbaric killings of innocent animals, especially cows, are some of the visible actions that cause earthquakes, hailstorms, draughts, floods and such other natural calamities. It is an alert and punishment from mother nature who works under the direction of the Supreme Lord, the controller of the universe. Like it or not, have it clear that there is absolutely nothing automatic in the existence. Everything is operated by the intelligence of conscious beings. (Earthquake: Another alert from the agents of Nature – Mayapur Voice)

Indeed, earthquakes are not by accident. Let us not shy away from stating that It is more of a well calculated action by the agents of nature in order to keep the earth safe, in balance, and to also flush out some due reactions in the form of natural calamities (called adhi-daivik in sanskrit) in exchange of sins committed on the planet.

This is not about being indifferent to the tragedy: it is about acknowledging the reality.’s Meteorological Department said the quake struck at a depth of 17 kilometres (about 10 miles). Panicked residents also fled into the streets in Bangladesh, said the BBC’s Salman Saeed in Dhaka. Earthquake hits India’s Manipur state – BBC News

Modern scientists have tried hard to understand the reasons behind earthquakes but unfortunately their reasoning stops at the mechanism of earth plates. They are not able to say, and cannot say until they accept there is an intelligent arrangement behind that mechanism, why that so-called fire ring, as they call it, acts in a particular way at a particular time.

“The reason so many earthquakes occur in these areas is because this is where many of Earth’s tectonic plates come together. Earthquakes begin deep underground along plate boundaries. Tension and pressure build up as the plates slide past and bump into each other and sometimes even stick together. Although the plate boundaries themselves may be stuck, the plates keep moving and pulling. Eventually, the pulling becomes too much and the plates suddenly break free from each other, causing an earthquake!” (Source)

But why does the pulling becomes too much? Hmm… it is like a doctor saying you got pain in your foot due to some irregular movement or unusual growth of a particular bone, but he is not able to say why that bone behaved that way. Here is the answer:

“This material nature is working under My direction, O son of Kuntī, and it is producing all moving and unmoving beings. By its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again.” (Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita 9.10)

So even the nature is not acting independently. An earthquake is not a whimsical act of nature. As mentioned earlier, it is a calculated action.

We may like it or not, the answers to all questions that material scientists spend millions and billions of dollars and centuries of research work to get a clue of are almost effortlessly found by accepting the authority of Vedic scriptures. This is by no means a non-secular statement. Real science is based on facts, not speculations. This makes it static in a sense. In other words, the laws of science don’t keep changing the way it is seen with what they call science today.

If one sincerely studies the Vedic science described in Srimad Bhagavatam and other ancient books, one can save the most precious hours of his or her life that are otherwise spent in today’s ever-changing science where we have got used to hearing how previously thought theories were wrong. What do you think? Make your choice.


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