India’s growth closely connected to a nationwide ban on cow slaughter


History shows that violence is a necessary element of good governance, but only as a last resort. Unfortunately, in the absence of righteous kings and responsible governments that can boldly stand up against evils, people on this planet have gone insane and adopted violence as their second nature. Killing enemies including human beings can still be understood but killing cows, the most peaceful, useful and benevolent creature on the planet? How on earth can any sane person justify this?

Whatever it may take, a complete ban on cow slaughter is crucial for the world to remain peaceful.  Peace and cow slaughter will never go together. The leaders of the world need to understand why this is so. As mentioned in a recent post here Why ban on beef in two more Indian states is a great news , it is not a question of only religious understanding of cows. It is closely connected to healthy environment and prosperity of a nation. But even if, out of sheer ignorance or political reasons, people want to characterize the issue as a religious one, there is absolutely no harm in pushing for a blanket ban on cow killing, for a patient without medical insight does not have to be necessarily convinced as to why he must take a particular medicine when the doctor knows what he is doing.  Expecting artha (wealth) without dharma (religiosity) has always been and will always prove to be a cruel mirage.

This is why the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singhs’s statements on banning cow slaughter across India come as a breath of fresh air. His statements while addressing a gathering of Shwetambar Jains, a prominent sect of Jainism, are laudable: “Cow slaughter cannot be accepted in this country. We will make all-out efforts to ban it and will also try hard for a consensus.” Addressing the spiritual leaders he made it clear that the NDA government will try its “level best” to bring in a countrywide ban on slaughter of cows.

rajnathsing1Referring to the cow slaughter ban in the BJP-ruled States of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, the senior BJP leader said nobody should doubt the government’s commitment in this regard.

“The BJP government in Madhya Pradesh enacted a tough law; so has the Maharashtra government. We didn’t waste any time in sending the Bill passed by Maharashtra government to the President for his assent,” he said referring to the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, which also extends the ban to slaughter of bulls and bullocks.

On the occasion, Acharya Shivmuni wanted the Centre to bring in legislation in the current Budget Session of Parliament for banning slaughter of buffaloes also. Rajnath backs national ban on cow slaughter – The Hindu

This indicates the actual upcoming growth of India. No country or society can become prosperous and remain peaceful by licensing animal slaughterhouses.

I read with great appreciation the following interesting analysis by Srila Prabhupada, the founder of what is known as the Hare Krishna movement, around the world. He examines the core reason of frustration among human beings today.

People become frustrated looking for the perfect object of love. We may love our brother and sister, our mother and father, our wife or husband, our friends, our community, our nation, the international community, or even all human beings, yet still our love will remain imperfect. That is because it is not all-inclusive. For example, every country considers the human beings  residing there to be nationals, but not the animals. But “national” means anyone who takes birth in that country. In Sanskrit the word is praja, “those who take birth.” So it is the duty of the leader of a country to protect all praja residing there. Not that only human beings should be protected, while the animals—the cows, pigs, chickens, and so on—are slaughtered. They are also praja.” (TQE 7)

Our leaders, both social and political, need to understand this extended meaning of nationalism and protect not only human beings but also animals, birds and other living entities, including trees. We need to cultivate the spirit of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam– all those born on Earth are part of a single family. To think that only human beings have the right to live and flourish, and all other living entities are meant to be used to achieve that goal is not only shamefully selfish but also criminally demoniac. Being the most intelligent and able creature on earth, it is rather our responsibility to take care of other living entities. This is possible when one becomes Krishna conscious.

sp30“When one becomes Krishna conscious, however, he loves every living being because of its connection with Krishna. As Krishna says, sarva-yonishu kaunteya murtayah sambhavanti yah: ” Material nature is the mother of all forms of life, and I am the seed-giving father”  [Bg. 14.4]. Real equality and brotherhood come when we see all living entities as equal, as children of the Lord. A person with such vision is called a pandita, or wise man. A pandita does not say, “Only my father and brother are good, and all others are bad.” That is sectarianism.” (TQE-7)


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