Research brings Australia closer to Indian origin

A comparison of this with India's ancient books and commentaris by its great sages gives one more reason to believe that the study suggesting Australia was settled by Indians thousands of years ago is credible


A recent research on a genetic study echoes our views presented here quoting CNN, and suggests that more than 4000 years ago immigrants from India had settled in what is now known as Australia. It appears that what has been said in the past by great sages of India, both ancient and recent ones, is now being realized by modern researchers, historians and archaeologists. We have always maintained that India was never a small country that is being depicted on the world map today.

“The finding overturns the view that the continent was isolated from the time it was first colonised about 45,000-50,000 years ago until Europeans discovered Australia in the eighteenth century. DNA evidence suggests that rather than complete most of the journey over several generations by foot, the Indian migrants came over by boat. Australia’s first human colonisation was the culmination of the long walk out of Africa by the human species. Humans are believed to have left Africa, via the Arabian coast and through India before reaching Indonesia and New Guinea and finally over an ancient land bridge to Australia.

Following their arrival there was, according to ‘the prevailing view’, little if any contact between Australia’s Aboriginal inhabitants and the rest of the world. But DNA evidence has now revealed a second wave of human settlement took place about 4,230 years ago, long before the first European settled there. Australia was first seen by a European in 1606 when it was sighted from a ship and a further 53 vessels arrived before Captain James Cook arrived in 1770 to claim it for Britain. Analysis of DNA samples from Aboriginal people living in the Northern Territories of Australia today shows that they have up to 11 per cent of their genetic heritage is Indian. The new settlers came from India and the lack of their DNA in other parts of Asia suggests they sailed directly across the Indian Ocean rather than work their way towards Australia by foot.” Read more Migrants from India settled in Australia 4,000 years ago

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It is not new to the history of last few hundred years that number of suggestions based on various studies have been presented, approved, and then again overturned by another finding. Australia today covers a considerably small portion of land on the world map and there are all good reasons to believe that it was different in the past. As such, historians and archaeologists are bound to say one thing today and another tomorrow.

This is where the authenticity of India’s ancient scriptures comes into picture. Vedas and Puranas (meaning very old history) mention not only so-called prehistoric era but they also minutely describe the history of human race, its source, why and how human beings came to Earth, and so on. They also talk about the origin of the universe and other aspects of higher science including multidimensional world that modern scientists are painstakingly working to get a glimpse of.

The best part is, Vedic information doesn’t keep changing. In fact modern researchers are gradually leaning towards accepting Vedic knowledge as the most reliable evidence. Books like Srimad Bhagavatam and Mahabharat speak extensively on the history of righteous kings who ruled the Earth before thousands, and even millions of years.

“Srimad Bhagavatam is also a history of the great rulers of different parts of the universe. In this verse the names of Priyavrata and Uttanapada, sons of Svayambhuva, are mentioned. They ruled this earth, which is divided into seven islands. These seven islands are still current, as Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Australia and the North and South Poles. There is no chronological history of all the Indian kings in Srimad-Bhagavatam, but the deeds of the most important kings, such as Priyavrata and Uttanapada, and many others, like Lord Ram Chandra and Maharaj Yudhisthir, are recorded because the activities of such pious kings are worth hearing; people may benefit by studying their histories.” (SB 3.21.2 purport)

“Sapta-dvipa refers to the seven great islands or continents on the surface of the globe: (1) Asia, (2) Europe, (3) Africa, (4) North America, (5) South America, (6) Australia and (7) Oceania. In the modern age people are under the impression that during the Vedic period or the prehistoric ages America and many other parts of the world had not been discovered, but that is not a fact. Prithu Maharaja ruled over the world many thousands of years before the so-called prehistoric age, and it is clearly mentioned here that in those days not only were all the different parts of the world known, but they were ruled by one king, Maharaja Prithu.” (SB 4.21.12 purport)

From the above purports by Srila Prabhupada, and from his commentaries on number of other Vedic texts, it is evident that Indian boundaries extended to a greater part of the world in the distant past. This gives a reason to believe that the study suggesting Australia was settled by Indians some 4000+ years is credible.

Interestingly, Srila Prabhupada doesn’t hesitate to even say that the world should again reunite under one banner in order to be peaceful and happy:

“From early histories it appears that the entire earth was under one culture, Vedic culture, but gradually, due to religious and cultural divisions, the rule fragmented into many subdivisions. Now the earth is divided into many countries, religions and political parties. Despite these political and religious divisions, we advocate that everyone should unite again under one culture—Krishna consciousness. People should accept one God, Krishna; one scripture, the Bhagavad-gita; and one activity, devotional service to the Lord. Thus people may live happily upon this earth and combine to produce sufficient food. In such a society, there would be no question of scarcity, famine or cultural or religious degradation. So-called caste systems and national divisions are artificial. According to our Vaishnava philosophy, these are all external bodily designations. The Krishna consciousness movement is not based upon bodily designations. It is a transcendental movement on the platform of spiritual understanding.” (Cc Madhya 25-193)

The above statement might sound radical to some but if one studies the eternal principles of Krishna consciousness as taught by Srila Prabhupada, one will surely come to understand that what he says is of the highest importance today and is achievable in the best interest of the world.

Indeed, religions based on bodily designations cannot reunite people on a single platform, and as we have seen, instead of peace, there is unrest all over the world due to different interpretations of religions by leaders including those who get political leverage out of it. Religions should be based not on births, bodies and nations, but on spiritual identity of living entities because bodies and nations are temporary while individual spirit souls are immortal. Understanding this, one can leave peacefully and help others do the same.

Maps are man-made. Be it Australia, Americas, Europe, Asia or Africa – the same principle of life and the same goal of life applies to all. It is not only about human beings but all living entities. In other words, the ultimate goal of life for all living entities is to love God and go back to Him, away from the clutches of material nature that has kept us connected to different bodies and nations since time immemorial.

To accept things with broad-mindedness is a sign of wider intelligence. To reject philosophies based on births or nations keeps one away from approaching the absolute truth. It is only desirable that political leaders of the world will allow citizens of respective countries to think with broader intelligence and not turn religious beliefs into vote banks, for the acceptance of philosophies promoting universal brotherhood will undoubtedly open doors to a better world.



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