Ban plastic bags. Be sympathetic to animals: Supreme Court


New Delhi: The Supreme Court today asked state governments to be sympathetic towards animals by banning plastic bags which are consumed by stray cattle making them suffer.

A bench headed by Chief Justice H L Dattu slammed governments for their failure to ban use and manufacturing of plastic bags in their states saying that they should be concerned about the pain and sufferings of animals who consume these bags on streets.

It summoned Principle Secretary of Urban Development, Ministry of Karnataka for the failure of that government in curbing use of plastic bags and not having a proper waste disposal mechanism.

“Imagine the pain and suffering of animals. You sit in AC rooms and say that you have framed regulations. Is there any seriousness on the part of the state governments to implement the rules and laws? How much does it cost to print statute?,” the bench observed.

“States must tell us how far they have succeeded in implementing the law. State must have some sympathy for animals,” it said, adding that…

Source: Be sympathetic to animals, ban plastic bags: Supreme Court


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