Earthquake: Another alert from the agents of Nature


Earthquake is not an accident. Let us not shy away from stating that It is more of a well calculated action by the agents of nature in order to keep the earth safe, in balance, and to also flush out some due reactions in the form of natural calamities (called adhi-daivik in sanskrit) in exchange of sins committed on the planet. This is not about being indifferent to the tragedy but about acknowledging the reality.

The ongoing madness of human beings on the planet, drilling deep into the earth for oil, gold and other precious metals and minerals, pulling out other vital elements that maintain the orbital movements of the earth, testing nuclear weapons in deserts, firing powerful missiles with nuclear warheads deep into the ocean, causing tremendous environmental imbalance on the planet by replacing jungles with industries, and the horrendously barbaric killings of innocent animals, especially cows, are some of the visible actions that cause earthquakes, hailstorms, draughts, floods and such other natural calamities. It is an alert and punishment from mother nature who works under the direction of the Supreme Lord, the controller of the universe. Like it or not, have it clear that there is absolutely nothing automatic in the existence. Everything is operated by the intelligence of conscious beings.

7.5-earthquake hits Nepal, strong tremors felt across north and east India epicentre of the earthquake measuring 7.5-magnitude was 80km (50 miles) east of Pokhara in Nepal, about half way between the town and the capital Kathmandu, the US Geological Survey said. The quake was 31km (19 miles) deep.

People from Delhi-NCR, Ranchi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Patna, Jaipur and Bhopal, among other places, reported on Twitter they felt the tremor, as a panic wave swept across the country.

In Delhi, people came running out of their houses as the jolts were felt around 11:45am. The tremor reportedly lasted around 45 seconds.

There was no immediate word on damage or casualties. But, reports of damages in Nepal started pouring on Twitter soon after the quake.

News Source: 7.5-earthquake hits Nepal, strong tremors felt across north and east India . Featured image credit



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