FMC-SEBI merger – 5 things to know


The amalgamation of Forward Markets Commission (FMC), the erstwhile commodities regulatory body, with capital markets watchdog Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) came into effect today, marking the first major case of two regulators being merged.

Although, the merger of these two independent regulatory bodies was under discussion for long time, the move gathered pace, especially, after the commodity market was rocked by the outbreak of a multi-crore scam at National Spot Exchange (NSEL) unearthed two years back.

Now that the merger has been done with, below is the draw down of the journey of the commodities regulatory body and what led to the eventual covergence with the capital markets regulator Sebi.

1) History of the two regulatory bodies:
2) Issues stifling commodities markets:
3) Talks of merger:
4) What merger aims to achieve:
5) Measures by Sebi:

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