Heart Attack – The commonest killer disease in India


As per World Health Organization (WHO), 70% of Cardiac Patients worldwide are Indian. Isn’t it ALARMING?

In fact Heart Attack is the commonest killer disease in India as well as in South East Asia. Is it caused by any Bacteria, Virus or Genetical cause ? No, it is caused by some Life Style Changes. Below are some highlights on Heart Attack:

Heart Attack is due to blockage of one of the two Arteries supplying the Heart muscle-leading to Heart muscle damage which is called Heart Attack.


The most important causes of Heart Attack are Family History of Heart Attack below 55 years of age, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar, Consumption of Alcohol & Smoking.

The prevalence of Heart Attack is four times more common in South East Asia and it is often below the age of 40 years.

The extra risk factors for South east Asian are High Lp(a), High Homocysteine, High Triglyceride & Low HDL.

Also Truncal Obesity leading to Metabolic Syndrome is a very important cause in South Asia.

Symptoms of Heart Attack:

Severe Chest tightness, Sweating and giddiness are the most important symptoms.

The chest pain might radiate to the Jaws as well as to the Left Arm also.

Respiratory difficulty is almost an associated complaint.

What is to be done?

Shift the Patient immediately to a Hospital, where Heart Attack treatment is a routine.

A clot buster drug (STK, Actilyse, TNK) or Angioplasty can be done to open the blocked Artery.


30 TO 40% of Heart Attack patients die at home or on the way to the Hospital.


Prevention of Heart Attack is the mainstay of its management.

Regular check up of Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Sugar and ECG at the age of 40 years and at the age of 30 years if Family history is there.

Avoid putting weight (BMI<25), Waist below 90 cm by eating right food – High Fibre diet like Vegetables, Fruits, Low Calorie/Fatty diet.

Control the BP, Cholesterol appropriate Medicines under instruction of Doctors.

Regular Physical Activity-walking half hour or jogging.

Mantra Meditation




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