How long will the irresponsible conducts of opposition parties be tolerated in the Indian parliament?


As soon as the winter session of parliament began, especially Congress has again taken to the same cheap tactic of doing hulla-gulla in the parliament. It is understandable that some members of the parliament may not have much left to speak during the session and may be anxious about the consequences of their previous karmas but does it mean the parliament should be allowed to get disrupted practically everyday?

This article effectively emphasized on how the citizens of India need to take a tough stand against those behind such childish acts and vote them out for good. How can a country progress if the parliament members do not display at least the minimum discipline?

The parliament is not meant for over ambitious people working desperately for their own selfish agendas. Nor is it a playground where newbies learn how to become a leader. And it is certainly not a wrangling ground where MPs engage in shouting and accusing one another for want of logical arguments and issue based facts. Let there be strict codes of conduct and penalties to teach lesson to those MPs and leaders who don’t uphold the dignity and honor the Indian house of parliament deserves.

Voters need to ensure that any party which resorts to unconstitutional tactics to stop parliament functioning or any such nuisance, is thrown out of the house for good. (

A view of the Indian Parliament building.
A view of the Indian Parliament building.

It’s high time the Modi led BJP government brings in a legislation to check such irresponsible attitude on part of MPs along with consequences for violating it. It is clear that the opposition parties,  lead by Congress, have run out of meaningful arguments and so have taken to indiscriminate shouting in the house. This is an outright insult to India and must be stopped if India has to take the lead in guiding the world towards peace and enlightenment.

Opposition parties are an essential part of a healthy democracy but that does not mean that they be allowed to whimsically rave and rant, throw papers and articles, speak filthy language and engage in conspiracies. It is high time the people of India make up their mind and empower the Narendra Modi lead government to smoothly govern the country, by voting out parties which act irresponsibly and against India’s interest. (Souce)

It is indeed a matter of regret and concern that some still seem to believe that what is being done in the parliament is acceptable. Let us acknowledge that politics is one thing; serving the nation without personal motivation is entirely another. No political leader should be allowed to misuse country’s resources, including time and energy, for satisfying personal agendas. This is essential for India. When big names are facing failures after failure, the people of world have a reason to have hopes from India. Let us live up to their expectation.


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