What is protecting Vijay Mallya and the likes? How long?


Once in a while we hear refreshing statements from political leaders. The latest one is from India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Commenting on a question regarding Vijay Mallya, who has allegedly run away to UK with Rs 9000 Crores (approximately USD 1.37 Billion) from Indian banks and says it is not a good time for him to come back, Mr Jaitley said that banks will go all out to recover every single penny from him.

“Answering a specific question at the India Today conclave on Vijay Mallya, who is said to owe Rs. 9,000 crore to 17 banks, most of them in the state sector, the finance minister said “every agency in India, be it for enforcement or investigation, was on the job regarding the case.”

“The facts are very clear: Every government agency will take strong action against him. Banks will go all out to recover every single penny,” Mr Jaitley said about Vijay Mallya who left the country earlier this month amid charges of willful default on bank loans worth thousands of crores. (Source)

This sounds promising and every Indian, especially thosejaitley1 who find themselves cheated by Vijay Mallya including angry King Fisher airlines ex-employees, 17 banks, share holders and whoever else, would want to see it happen. A person who, at the cost of public money, flaunted wealth and power wherever he could, and promoted liquor and big-time dishonesty on the sacred land of India, certainly deserves punishment. The question is, why is he still not arrested, even once?

A few days back Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi called Mallya a thief and lashed out at government agencies for letting him leave the country:

“This person stole Rs. 9,000 crore. How did he manage to run away from India? We haven’t got a reply from either Modiji or Jaitleyji. The Fair and Lovely scheme is for thieves and black marketers and the drug mafia. Whoever wants to convert their money from black to white, they can do it through the Fair and Lovely scheme,” the Congress vice-president alleged. (Source http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/how-did-government-allow-vijay-mallya-to-leave-country-asks-rahul-gandhi-1285730

rahulgandhi1Rahul deserves praise for asking this question. Government agencies must be held responsible for letting Mallya leave the country or allowing black money holders to go scot-free. Similar things happened when the Italian businessman Quattrocchi had left India.

However, what is interesting in Mallya’s case is, both the parties are talking tough but he is still able to walk around free. This raises another question: if BJP is protecting him and allowed him to leave the country, what was Congress doing all these years when Mallya made all money and cheated banks? How come, despite so much noise by the common man and the media, Mallya was not taken to task and arrested?

What protected him in the past and what is protecting him now? Congress, BJP, money, or something else? These questions are difficult to answer if we go by the statements of political leaders. In Kaliyuga, the court of laws also cannot deliver justice every time. Even if the judges are honest, which is not always the case, or rather hardly the case, what can the they do when their bosses are corrupt? (Suggested Read What can the Judiciary do when the Bosses are corrupt).

While it is too early to point at any person or party for guarding Vijay Mallya, there is one thing that has definitely saved him, and is still protecting him. It is his good set of karma from previous life or lives. Sounds mythical? Well, don’t get misled by modern propaganda that there is nothing like previous life, karma, and so on. To deny the law of karma or the Person who made it, i.e. God Himself, is like denying the existence of the court or the President of the country. Those who think they can escape court of laws by hiring expert lawyers or bribing judges need to know the history better and understand that such lies cannot last for ever.

In the past, people who misused their positions have been eventually jailed and even hanged after their good karmas were exhausted. Bhagavad Gita scientifically describes how a person enjoys or suffers the activities of his previous lives. What to speak of earthly people, Vedic scriptures talk about even those who ruled the whole universe and still at the end were punished, sometimes personally by God Himself. Ravana and Hiranyakashipa were extremely powerful kings who terrorized universal rulers, the devas or demigods, but eventually they were punished. Mr Mallya and the likes who are comparatively small flies in the big world of degraded and disgraced people, need to realize that it is their previous good karma that is protecting them, but once their quota of name, fame and wealth is exhausted the result of vikarma or bad karmas, from which there is no escape, is surely going to catch them. We can simply hope that good intelligence will prevail.


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